About DIGS

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The thrill of buying vintage is partially the thrill of the hunt, and partially that “whoa” moment when you find something you know is unique. It makes you wish you knew its story and you want customers to find it in your store for their “whoa” moment.
— Debra Volk (DIGS & D2 owner)

Save yourself the flight and bring a touch of global beauty into your world when shopping at DIGS. Since 2012, owner Debra has been on the ‘DIG’ for that perfect statement piece to complement your household. Ready to turn heads? Bring home a hand-carved vase that turns fresh florals into a gorgeous statement on your coffee table. Want a striking piece of art that will add color and texture into any room? Make a visual impact with a great accent piece in your home. Here at DIGS, you can find a mix of local vendors and unique items from around the world. Come visit us at DIGS, you never know what’s in store!